Premiere: 10.09.2017, Royal Danish Opera Copenhagen

Dirigent: Paolo Carignani

Konzept/Regie/Bühnenbild: Aniara Amos

Kostüme: Jorge Jara

Videos: Aniara Amos/
Sebastian Eskildsen

Fotos: Miklos Szabo/
Royal Danish Opera


Rigoletto: Sebastian Catana/
David Kempster

Duca: Peter Lodahl/
Gert Henning-Jensen

Gilda: Sofie Elkjaer Jensen/
Anke Briegel

Sparafucile: Sten Byriel/Morten Staugaard

Maddalena: Elisabeth Jansson

Monterone: Kyungil Ko


„Uns aber, die wir hinausgehen, bleibt die Erinnerung an einen großen Theaterabend.“


„Once you’ve seen the show, you immediately will want to watch it again…“

„The greater the work of art, the more and the more important are the details. Masterpieces contain no unimportant details at all. In that way, ‚Rigoletto‘ at Operaen belongs with the masterpieces.“
Berlingske, Author: Søren Schauser

„In her version of Verdi’s deserved immortal opera “Rigoletto”, the extremely creative Chilean-German director and scenographer Aniara Amos has chosen to depict the main character, the jester Rigoletto, as a mental patient who, throughout the piece, dives further and further into the madness.“

„You don’t have to go all the way to Milan or New York to experience opera in world class. With the Royal Danish Theatre’s ‚Rigoletto‘, Copenhagen is in fine company.“
Berlingske, Author: Asger Aamund

„…But this ‚Rigoletto‘ will possibly be met with reservations by the traditionalists – it is contemporarily in lack of moral, instead of adventurously fairytale-sad.“
Frederiksborg Amts Avis, Author: Knud Cornelius